System Update: Web Server Migration (14/9/2017)

System Update: Web Server Migration (14/9/2017)

Thanks to all SuperLife Members, we have been experiencing heavy influx of traffics all over the world and have decided to upgrade our web server to a powerful dedicated server with 100 mbps guaranteed bandwidth. From the Google Analytics, we have reached more than 45 countries already! Sounds crazy, right? We thought so too.

In the meantime it will take the server several hours to propogate to the new dedicated server. We apologize for any inconvenience caused sincerely.

We are working on the product marketing materials (more videos are coming) and our exclusive SuperLife stories so we understand how SuperLife is founded. Not only that, we are implementing the necessary plugins and protocols for the personal links application which will go live very soon, Yay! Last but not least, Gift Mall and Repurchase Mall will be online this week! We have done stress testing and it’s ready to roll!

If you still miss our website at the meantime, Google keeps a cache copy of our beautiful website here.


Life is Super!



The Management


Update (14/9/2017): The delay on the web server migration was due to an unforeseen DNS error with our hosting. We apologize on the matter. As you could see from the site, we have removed a few sections i.e. Products, Contact temporarily. Fret not, we are in the midst of developing cool interfaces that could add value to your business:

1. HelpDesk + Livechat – A friendly feature which assist members for accounts/logistic related problems

2. TV/Youtube integration

3. Product feature page with Testimony Collections

4. News Portal which update and record the progress of SuperLife periodically

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