SuperLife Success Story – Vithia

Tough times doesn’t last, tough people do!
29-year-old Vithia came from a humble background. He graduated as a telecommunication engineer from the prestigious University Malaya and right after his graduation, he chose the path towards entrepreneurship. Throughout the time, he was always looking for opportunities that could change his life.
Failures didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He met his mentor Mr Lai Tek Kean 2 years ago, whom he holds in high esteem. Working together in a team called Dominator, he followed his mentor’s footsteps and pursued a rewarding career in the direct selling industry with SuperLife. Despite lacking prior experience, just within a year, he has achieved the Crown Diamond Leadership Rank in SuperLife, with cumulative earning of more than USD$ 100,000.
Learn more about how he did it by watching the video below!

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