SuperLife Zimbabwe 2019 Annual Convention

SuperLife Zimbabwe 2019 Annual Convention

Line below were quoted from SuperLife Africa

SuperLife is the fastest growing health and wellness network marketing company committed to help people to control their health and financial well-being. SuperLife Zimbabwe Agency, on Saturday 12 Oct 2019, awarded hardworking members for their immense contribution to the company for the period of 1st June 2019 to 31st September 2019.

The awards are meant to motivate members to push sales as well as to ensure maximum coverage for the betterment of everyone’s health and lifestyle.

Five top sponsors, five top earners as well as eleven people earmarked for a trip to Thailand in March next year were given awards at the ceremony with one senior citizen being honoured for her exceptional efforts in the business.

The recipients, numbering above 30, including the raffle ticket winners expressed zeal to work with the organization which had turned their lives around in an environment where financial independence can be an unfulfilled dream.
Speaking at the side-lines of the event which was attended by scores of people and potential clients willing to learn more about the business, Kudakwashe Matongo encouraged people, especially unemployed youth to take up the opportunity to earn a living.

“I urge everyone, the rich, those failing to earn a respectable living and many others to join the business; there are many packages to suit everyone and anyone can join. One may not have the capital but possessing the ability to market the product and refer potential members and customers to the business,” he said. Matongo said the business was not discriminatory and had no strict rules to discourage entrants.

“New members need to know more about what is in it for them if they join, what they will get in return, among other things and that is the reason why we keep doing seminars for people to know more about the business,” said Matongo.

The business thrives on sales and new entrants hence the constant motivational activities where focus will be on increased awareness of the product.

Also speaking at the event, a member, popularly known as Coach, confirmed the business’ ability to upgrade lifestyles, giving his testimony in the process.

“I was living a miserable life, with no formal educational qualifications when I was introduced to Superlife. I could hardly afford bus fare to get to town to meet prospective clients and one thing that I found to be difficult was convincing clients to pay for a product that was still in Malaysia.
“After consistency and hard work, aided by honesty I managed to make it in the business and I depend on it for a living for the past 3 years,” he said.

A member who joined after using the product said she had been trying to deal with a skin condition and used almost every product available but with no positive outcome.

“I actually used the STC 30 product with ignorance; I had lost hope of dealing with the ulcer that I had. To my surprise after a few months I noticed it wasn’t recurring like it used to do when I used the other products. It has been over a year now since I was fully recovered. I then joined the business to help others as well as for my own financial independence, being a civil servant, I find this fall back plan quite impressive as I don’t have problems with my finances like before,” she said.

Speaker after speaker proved beyond doubt, Superlife ability to change lifestyle, be it for health or financial reasons.
Superlife is the franchise for the leading brand Team Havilah, STC 30 which mainly focuses on boosting the immune system, rejuvenating aged cells, repairing damaged cells, replacing dead cells, replicating good cells and bringing the body to normal functionality to reduce effects of diseases such as diabetes, HIV, BP, arthritis and many more.

The awards were sponsored and organised by Kudakwashe Matongo, Superlife Zimbabwe Agency and entertainment (media) was made possible by Hephzibah Events.

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