New System Migration

Dear all partners in SuperLife,

The System Migration was a unprecedented feat, accomplished in less than 12 hours with 99.99% data integrity with 0 downtime. Up to date, all personal details, bonus and wallet have been successfully moved from the old system. Our tech team has been working tirelessly since July 2019 to make this happen!

This major update includes
1. Advanced security that safeguards members from wallet theft with Recaptcha, discouraging criminals who attempt to guess simple passwords
2. Member verification system that ensures maximum security on one’s account
3. Email and Mobile verification sytstem
4. Digital member card with respective leadership rank (rank above Crown Diamond are still being processed)
5. Advanced agency and vat system in compliance with laws of all countries we are in
6. Advanced delivery system, enabling local shipping in all countries with agency, with TRACKING NUMBER
7. Member feedback system with ticketing, no need to email anymore!
8. Microsoft grade outbound mail server, you will definitely receive email when you reset password. Check your junk mail!
9. 100% user-friendly interface when registering and upgrading account. No more annoying shopping carts, no more errors, and no more way to make error in country selection!
10. When you claim product from your agency, the agency will record the person who claimed with their id card number and phone. No more stolen products! You can check who claimed in your order history!
11. Introduction of barcode in all order history, making the process of claiming faster
12. 10 major languages supported in the system!
13. Support conversion of currencies, making super point and bonus point more relevant to local users
14. A cleaner outlook when you view your placement genealogy
15. Advanced bonus statement that allow you to specify time range
16. Smart eLibrary that will soon integrate together with YouTube
17. Upgrade Grace Period now shows numbers of days left to upgrade without processing fees
and more….

In my next post, I will discuss on how you can perform business function with this new system. Stay tuned!

Best regards

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