Identification Card Upload Issue

Identification Card Upload Issue

Previously we didn’t make ID card upload mandatory, causing serious regulatory challenges to maintain our license.

Once implemented, we realize members keep uploading selfies for their ID cards, ignoring the importance of identification document in protecting your account. Hence I have decided to set the maximum error an account could commit to 3. That means if you upload your ID card wrong for 3 times, your account will be suspended without further warning.

I totally understand the frustration, to not be able to login to do transaction, etc etc.

However there are 2 sides of the coin, you can either choose SECURITY or CONVENIENCE. Which one do you prefer?

On this separate issue, the thieve wasn’t able to locate the person’s ID card and the account was locked for uploading irrelevant pictures. More than 1000 dollars was saved from being stolen!

This case has given me confidence that the decision on tightening the security is a wise and competent one. Hence we will not compromise account security for the convenience of the few.

However, the influx of errors are simply too many and it may take some time for us to process all the suspended accounts. We will do our very best to ensure you get your account active within 3 working days. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS reply the email with the required info.

If you email was registered wrongly, kindly contact your respective country agency for assistance, or simply just PM Leo Facebook. I won’t reply immediately, but I’ll try my best to attend as soon as I can.



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