SuperLife National Training in Zimbabwe

SuperLife National Training in Zimbabwe

SuperLife National Training Forum is a collaboration of all teams in Zimbabwe. It’s there to build relationships with each other in business, that implies that we must co-operate as a team to help each other grow in creating strong client base and building powerful teams. Success in this business depends a lot on team work and cooperation. Teamwork is a skill that is not easily understood, we all know what it is but sometimes we don’t necessarily know how to use it or when it‘s appropriate to use it. Our National Training Forum presentation done 14 March 2020 was a success and helped a lot of people.
Cheers To SuperLife Zimbabwe!

Superlife Definition
By Kkaymatongo

S- Succeeding in life is as simple as being a good marketer
U- Understand the market, maintain good relations with clients
P- Patience in marketing is the key to all doors of success
E- Exercise a high degree of discipline
R- Respect your clients and fellow business partners
L- Lets maintain spirit of working as a united family
I- Implement marketing skills that will boost your sales
F- Focus on what you want to achieve in life
E- Enjoy your stint here at Superlife. God bless you


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