Stay Home

It is the 29th day of Mco at Malaysia, and most of us have adjusted and are adapting to the changes in our lifestyles.

There is a silver lining to every cloud. The outbreak of Covid-19 has created a lot of challenges to us. One of them is all the nonessential businesses and services are deemed to be shut down. However, this doesn’t become a restriction for us to grow. SuperLife continue its legend of positive growth on March 2020 despite there are many SME across all industries being severely affected due to this pandemic challenge.

Comply to Malaysia government order, although our HQ has received the operation license, yet we strongly practice the culture of WorkFromHome for the safe of all. Only our three main guys, our frontliners are there to handle the order fulfillment and shipments to keep our operation on track and smooth. Highly appreciate theirs effort, THANK YOU!

Another challenge is our flexibility to meet physically as we wish, but this is temporary phenomenon, just stay tough!


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