Ken Lai – CEO of SuperLife

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. Today SuperLife surpass the 95,000 milestone, becoming the #94,072 top website in the world by Alexa. SuperLife’s tremendous success today is inseparable with Super Lai’s leadership.

Ken Lai, the CEO of SuperLife is an affluent entrepreneur in Malaysia and believes that character is more important than intelligence in success. With experience he amassed from network marketing, he understands distributor’s needs and strive to alleviate the pain and frustrations most people encounter within the industry. He then founded SuperLife World along with other co-founders. The rest is history, check his personal achievements out in this video!

人穷可以,但志不能穷!有自信,才会有成功 It’s okay to be poor, but you shouldn’t live without ambition. Confidence is the key to success.

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