SuperLife Three Year Anniversary

SuperLife Three Year Anniversary

The support and trust given by partner and team make us have a faith and opportunity to start Superlife in March 2017. In year 2017, we have did USD 3million annual sales , In 2018 we did USD 12million annual sales and 2019 we did USD 40 million annual sales . In 2020 we pledged to complete our USD 100 million goal ! We believe one world one system online international health & beauty direct selling industry is the platform of the future! The challenge of this industry is the need to sincerely build a trust and togetherness for outstanding contributors in order to be able to honor and affirm their contribution to company ! Seeing the feelings of self-affirmation and joy of the partners receiving all kind of the awards make my heart infinitely touched and grateful! The commitments, burdens and challenges of starting make us feel great and blessed for the decision to start the vision and mission . Thanks for being with us, Life is super !
Life rewards people at the end of the challenge ,be persistent and patient enough to see the fruits of your labour. Life is super!

Word from CEO,
Ken Lai Tek Kean

心中无限感动和感激伙伴及团队的支持与信任才能有机缘于2017 年三月创办了速伯乐。2017年里我们完成了三百万美元的业绩,2018 更完成了一千二百万美元的业绩而2019完成了全年四千万美元的营销业务。2020年更向一亿美元业绩目标挑战!本著认定全球统一制度模式的国际网络保健直销是未来创富其中之一的平台!这行业的挑战度是需要用心经营团队和真诚合作並表扬于杰出的贡献者,以便能够对他们的贡献给于荣耀和肯定。伙伴们受奖励时兴奋喜悦的心情,心中无限感动和温暖!创立公司一路走来的承诺,重担和挑战都觉得物有所值!


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