Triple Crown Diamond – Master Vithia

Triple Crown Diamond – Master Vithia

Another Triple Crown Diamond is born! Congratulations to Master Vithia from Malaysia for the promotion! He would like to share a few words to all of us, let’s look at his messages 

I felt extremely honored for being promoted during this lock down period. While many are facing financial constraints, industrial challenges, retrenchment and etc, Superlife World has given me an opportunity to work on sustaining my income. I managed to sustain my business while staying at home by making good use of the internet facility and the social media platform.

Every successful people will look for an opportunity in every problem, hence I did the same. I converted my offline activities into online activities, and I found myself growing. I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Superlife World and my esteemed team for working together with me for collective success!

In Superlife, Life Is Super!

with love,
Vithiaganant Vadiveloo

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