Double Crown Diamond – Dr. Maha

Double Crown Diamond – Dr. Maha

Another Double Crown Diamond is born during this lockdown period. Congratulations to DR MAHA from Malaysia for the promotion! He would like to share a few words to all of us, let’s look at his messages 🙂

SuperLife is not just a business to us but a LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY that we prepared ourselves and waited to appear.
Hello there! I am Dr.Maha and being a Steven Spielberg fan, i love to start my success story with first scene deep impact.
Why would I not? Only a guy stranded for long in the desert will know the value of an oasis when he found it. What an oasis Superlife was to me. Having met many mirages on my return journey from a Spiritual Lockdown and self imposed Movement Control Order for almost 10 years, both my wife Bakiamlachimi Gopal and myself were looking for a ground breaking never seen before opportunity that runs on the genuine spirit of FRIENDSHIP MARKETING which was founded during the last lockdown in 1945.

Yes, FRIENDSHIP MARKETING is the original name of Network Marketing founded by Carl Rehnborg in 1945.
Corrupted with many names and adulterated in many ways, i was hungrily looking for the right souls who gave it the much needed respect the industry deserves.
Lo Behold! my search stopped when I received a call from my introducer Dato Kamaraj who took me to see the Founder/CEO Mr.Lai Tek Kean.
He may not speak Queen’s English but his spirit caught me the first sight of meeting. I call it the FOUNDER’S SPIRIT.
Those six other people who came with did not feel the spirit – may be they did not go through 34 years of preparation i have made since being touched by a similar Founder’s Spirit during my formative years in Income Tax Dept.
It is that Founder’s Spirit that dusted my soul from the Tax Dept. Aged 22 then, it put me on a path of personal development from zero to hero and hero to zero again to feel the world of spirituality.

After such stint, meeting a person is never the same.

I thank my introducer and i thank the decision my wife and i made as partners. We STARTED IT RIGHT.
Then chain of events made us to have another MILESTONE MEETING. The DOMINATORS with youthful energy of it’s founder creator Mohan and equally fired up souls in the former of co-founders Varan, Vithia and the naive but ever longing for success young Vimalan. It was a meeting of wisdom and youth.

The next milestone was the co-founders of Superlife – Harry, Paul & Leo.

Harry, a soul whom i must have travelled with eons ago. What a combo!

Our success thus far started with the COLLABORATION OF SOULS from the day one of the company.

I knew i have met my match. Matched we were with other souls in Malaysia, Nigeria & India. With our own team’s SLWC GLOBAL SYSTEM and with a mission to START LOCAL AND GO GLOBAL, we have mastered a game that has become a basic neccissity during this covid 19 pandemic.

While we thank all our direct, indirect and fellow souls of Superlife, we are just beginning. The momentum has just begun.


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