Crown Ambassador (1) – Mugiasha Innocent Bruce

Crown Ambassador (1) – Mugiasha Innocent Bruce

Here I present to you, world first Crown Ambassador (1) of SuperLife World, Mr Mugisha Innocent Bruce! What’s his secret of making it happen? Let’s listen to his story:
I thank GOD for the SuperLife opportunity.

I joined SuperLife May 2017 amidst financial stress. I was financially broken that time.
I am now 3 years in #SUPERLIFE_BUSINESS and I have achieved tremendous success. I have learnt that success lies ahead of the perimeter walls that you have got to break into, because no body is going to open for you the door to success, you must break through. I was amidst challenging lifestyle that I always saw impossibilities to make it through.
But by Faith I kept on pushing and now the dark moments are over it’s time to shine, time to celebrate. The dream has come true at #SUPERLIFE_WORLD.

I am the #1st_CROWN_AMBASSADOR no one encouraged me that I could reach this far. I praise the #LORD_MY_GOD. I thank God for the best leadership he blessed me with entire #CROWNTEAM_FAMILY. I thank you so much leaders for being pillars to my success. You have me mentored me, pulled me pushed me and lifted me to higher heights and I also thank my #CEO_and_FOUNDER #MR_LAI_TEK_KEAN and #MR_Leo#MR_Harry and #MR_Paul. Thank you so much for the support and love. God used you to change the world. And you did it.

God bless you and everyone out there that am not able to mention here but you are in my heart ❤️ I love you and wish you all good luck!


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