Double Crown Diamond – Mr. Bernard Adam

Double Crown Diamond – Mr. Bernard Adam

Another Double Crown Diamond is born during lockdown time . Congratulations to DR BERNARD from GHANA for the promotion! He would like to share a few words to all of us, let’s look at his messages 
I give best of all glory to the almighty God for connecting me with Superlife World company.
I appreciate all the support that I received from Superlife World Management Malaysia.
And I want all the distributors to help me to thank our Founder & CEO, Mr Lai Tek Kean and his Co-Founders. All of them have played a good role in my life through this business.

I have never seen such a very kind and humble management team in my entire history of MLM life.
I have never seen and heard that the top income earner happens to be an African in a non African company.
Infact, this is a history that must inspire all the Africans to be proud of these great men of our company. They are my best inspiration!
My next appreciation goes to all my Dominator leaders especially Triple Crown Diamond Master Vith, he is very faithful and supportive in business.
Master Vith is a great leader. He is a good example of a leader where when you see him you will know that he is a leader without selfish spirit. And he is very dedicated to whatever things he does.
Mr. Vimalan, the youngest Double Crown Diamond in Superlife and very hard-working and supportive to all of us.
Mama Norah, I called her Mama Africa. She is a great woman of determination that I have ever met in my life, whenever I feel like giving up, I look up to her.

I personally celebrate you all! Thank you very much.🥳🥳🥳
I have said it, and I repeat there is no good house without good foundation I couldn’t have gotten this great achievement without good downlines. However, I would say big thank you to all my direct and indirect downlines globally and locally.
A special thanks goes to Mr. Emmanuel Kwakye and Pastor Simon Belemano for your cooperation.
My last acknowledgment goes to the various countries Agency leaders that are helping to promote this business smoothly. God will continue to bless you all more but those who are not treating people well. Must Repent!!😏

There is no results in been wicked!! Selfish has no reward and discrimination has no good results. Look up to our CEO!!!
Great thanks to my fellow Ghanaians. Thank you very much for handling the important portion of the business.
I appreciate every effort that you have invested in my business.
There are few advices that I would like to share to the whole world about Superlife World is this company is a blessing from God to us but before you tab into the blessing, you need to take risk and work for it!
I took the risk of selling my car to upgrade my package to SUPER and I didn’t regret for making this decision! And I believe that everyone can take the risk to change their life to a better life.
Nothing shocks me than when I look back and remembered that I invested one time of $1100 and it has turned into $150,000 today!😳😭
It’s sounds like a story but that is the truth!
NB; Superlife is not spiritual money or (sakawa).
Working at it, is what brings the money.
Superlife has transformed my life positively and it offers the same opportunity for all out there.
The mind set is the key that makes Network Marketing to work!
Kindly stay tuned for Dr. Bernard’s successful story of Superlife because this is just his appreciation! 😉

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