Coffee Factory Tour

More than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every single day thus making coffee one of the most coveted beverages traded across international borders. As the consumption of coffee worldwide increases, so will the demand for fresh coffee beans too. Have you ever wondered how your cup of coffee is able to taste so fresh? This is from a very precise and selective process that the beans would have to go through. Picking the best coffee beans based on its morphology, shape and size is one of the most crucial steps in making your cup of coffee taste as rich as it is. ☕️

For that golden reason, SuperLife’s CEO MrLai Tek Kean made his way down to the field to have his own run of quality inspection to make sure that only the finest coffee beans are selected to produce the coffee that everyone deserves before it is delivered to all the beloved members of SuperLife around the world. Ready yourselves to taste one of Asia’s finest coffee, the one and only SuperLife Golden Coffee, that will soon be delivered to your doorstep. Life Is Super!

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