Crown Ambassador (I) – Mohan Raj

A leader who provide endless support to all his members around the world, A loving son that can make his parents proud of his achievements, A newly promoted Crown Ambassador (I) in SuperLife World, MR MOHAN RAJ who is the 1st to achieve this rank in Malaysia, let’s congratulate and listen to what he has to share about his success:
“Success is a choice, taking the right opportunity is our decision.
To succeed we need to make the right decision by taking good opportunities.”
I feel honored for being promoted as Crown Ambassador of Superlife World. This Superlife platform was first introduced to me in 2017, I made the decision to take advantage of it. My determination to succeed in this platform has made me expand this business to 48 countries around this world. The journey was filled with plenty of sharp thorns, I was ready to bleed. Somehow, I manage to continue and today I am grateful to be one of the 7 figure income earners. Reaching financial stability at an early age is my goal, and I hustled for it. Superlife has proved that reaching my goal is possible with their superb platform. In this business, we have straight forward, proper marketing plans and good products that are doing miracles in the lives of many people around the world. Thus, with a proper and trusted system accompanied by good products I managed to expand this business to many countries. The most significant part of this business is the flexible timing and working at our own phase, that made me to be more focused and consistent.
I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to the founder of Superlife Mr. Lai Tek Kean for providing this opportunity and followed by Mr Paul Nair, Mr. Harry and Mr. Leo for the continuous guidance and support for the past three years. I owe my success to my entire Superlife DOMINATOR TEAM members around the world for their hard work, contribution and determinations to be successful in their lives. I do thank God for paying off my struggles and continuously showering me with abundance of blessings.
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