Crown Diamond – Master Kwaky

“Desire is the First Powerful Element towards Realization!” A Big Congratulations to Master Kwakye from Ghana as newly promoted Crown Diamond, Let’s listen to what he has to share about his success story…
I was amazed about Superlifeworld discovery of its innovative technology in plant stem cells extracts. Knowing nothing about the marketing opportunity and the vision of the company I bought a franchise package. My greatest interest was the health benefits of what the products could do for my community and various communities around the world. A wonder STC30 had been all these while. I was not thought the marketing plan.I started learning the compensation plan whiles using my own membership account. Today I teach many people about it daily and many enjoy the compensation plan I made to help the entire Superlife family on E SuperTV- YouTube channel.
I realized the company had a powerful system for me to generate wealth and the wonders of the products will lead the market which is the most important thing in business.
I was fascinated to introduce STC30 which was the only product then to friends and neighbour’s and teach them to be part of the marketing as well.But surprisingly everybody around I could think of started giving excuses. Many started giving bad picture about the business opportunity. Many even told me to use my own money to buy them the products to use when they are convinced themselves they will make a decision to be part of Superlifeworld global franchise creation. As an entrepreneur I knew business is not established for friends and relationships to patronize but rather for the society once a need is identified but in network marketing business structure mostly our prospecting tools start with contact listing which I faced complete rejection.
My greatest hope in the business I kept telling myself was that STC30 marketing opportunity was money to bag home. Behold as STC30 walked in styles on the streets,a super health and wealth lies in front of many to make a decision and fantastically the unknown became associates in Superlife.
Building the trust and relationship together with them all as a team. In life,if you can imagine you can create your imaginations and if you can dream,you can make it a reality. Because success has predictive steps. Despite all these difficulties and rejections, my first objective in Superlifeworld was to be a crown diamond which empowered me daily to stay focus and keep building the business and because of that I had never celebrated a rank I achieved.
In two years now am a crown diamond at Superlifeworld living a super dream and fulfilling my goals in life. Surprisingly the business acceleration has taken a new turn and I know I will achieve new higher ranks I never thought off in the shortest possible time ahead.
I thank the life of our CEO Mr.Ken for this wonderful establishment. May you Mr. Lai continuously stay healthy and obtain more wisdom to bring more innovation into our Superlifeworld business.
I appreciate our co founders for the wonderful managerial skills exhibited towards the business. May you men continuously grow in knowledge to create safe environment daily for Superlife to keep touching more lives.
I thank my global dominator team members around the world for believing in Superlifeworld. We can indeed create more wealth daily for ourselves through Superlife as a team always.
Master Vith and Vimalan we have never met yet due to many circumstances but your support is super. Indeed we are Dominators born to dominate. Madam Norah,Dr. Bernard,Caleb,George Adjarko,Justice Nkuah,Saint-manuel,Ohenebugyei,Joyce Sarfo,madam monica and happy and all the leaders in the team I can never have done it alone without you guys. I believe that we will be millionaires and many people in Superlife as well especially in Africa. Because of African born Superlife and Global team Dominator.
I wish for more growth and stability of Superlifeworld for many to be liberated from financial difficulties through our simple health promotional avenue with our health products.
Life is super and go win Dominators.
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