Double Crown Diamond – Coach Adi

New Double Crown Diamond from Malaysia ! A faithful and hardworking leader that joined us after 1 year SuperLife established and never stop moving forward.
Let me tell you something you maybe don’t know…..
A friend that I know few years who posses a lot of ideas, creativies and extraordinary self-motivation.
I remember when I enticed him indirectly to join SuperLife, he graciously turned me down.
“When the timing is right I will come” he said.
When the company exceeded the first year only then he appeared.
Equipped with an online system and focused on human development, he became one of the fastest Crown Diamond and today, Congratulations Coach Adi you are declared as Double Crown Diamond.

Berjuang sampai jadi….

Let’s keep fighting for success!! Impossible is possible.!! Life is super🔥🔥 with SuperLife!

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