Eye Relaxation Exercises

Find yourself rubbing your eyes while staring at a screen for too long? Try these exercises out and you’ll find yourself having calm and relaxed eyes.

1. Palming – Rub your hands together till they are warm for a few seconds and place your warm palm gently over your eyes.

2. Eye rolling – Sit upright , take a long deep breath, soften your gaze to relax your muscles in your eyes and face and roll your eyes clockwise slowly but without moving your head at all.

3. Focus shifting – Hold your arm straight out in front with your thumb pointing up and move it slowly towards your nose while keeping your eyes on it.

4. Distance gazing – Rest your gaze on a distant object and then look at another distant object then another. Slowly let your eyes ‘drink in’ the image that you’re seeing without stressing too much on it.


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