Tiger Milk Mushroom

So what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Tiger Milk Mushroom’? Do you think mushroom in a tiger’s milk? In fact, you are NOT wrong! Because according to indigenous folklore and what its name suggests, this mushroom or fungi is known to grow on a spot whenever a tigress’s milk has fallen onto a ground while she feeds her young tiger cubs.

This ancient fungi is the super ingredient of our super coffee product and it has been used in traditional medicine as a health tonic by Aborigines and indigenous populations to treat few medical ailments, including cough, asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, etc. Chinese and Malay families back in the 1960s would keep a jar of these mushrooms in the case of any sickness that came by their families and be used as an immediate remedy for common colds, coughs and also asthma.

Knowing how much of a gem this fungi can be to mankind, SuperLife has integrated the medicinal and magical essence of the mushroom in our latest product, SuperLife Asia’s Finest Golden Coffee. This isn’t just your regular cup of coffee, but a cup of coffee that has the potential to keep you healthy for a very long time.

Want to know more about how a cup of SuperLife Asia’s Finest Coffee can assure you a long and healthy life? Click on the play button below, Sit back and we hope you will be enlightened with the secrets of this long lost treasure of South East Asia from this video.


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