Crown Diamond – Thandi Leeuw

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently” Our Warmest Congratulation to our newly promoted Crown Diamond from South Africa, Ms. Thandi Leeuw. Let’s listen to what he has to share about achieving this remarkable achievement

Lol so once again God has embarrassed me with His Grace, Mercy, Love and oh boy I am certainly smiling from ear to ear with tears of joy flowing out of my eyes as much as He’s showering me with His blessings.

God how Your goodness continues to locate me still amazes me, through the darkest night of depression You held my hand and assured me that “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning” and ever since, the sun is certainly shining on me. I am indeed on Your spotlight and not even a billion tongues can assist me in expressing my gratitude. God I’m grateful, I’m in awe of just how much You love and favor me. I love You Lord.

God sent me an angel that breaths the same air as me my Upliner Liz Agemo ….He placed me perfectly right where He wanted me to be so that I can be associated with this amazing soul whose been nothing but my rock in this journey. Liz from the very first cent I’m sure you can’t keep count of how many times I’ve said words can never be enough and today is the day I say to you the path you have set for me has made me show you just how grateful I am. My leader this one is for you, all the tears and sweat have paid off and I’m sure you don’t need any convincing to believe that they still going to pay. Liz thank you for everything, I pray that God’s hand be so extended in your life that you never have to worry about anything…because the angel in you has created angels for herself to fall back on and trust me when I say I’ll always be the first to catch you.

I opened my heart and God decided to place a team of hardworking, caring souls around me to say “my child I will never leave you nor forsake you” and with that said I want you to know how much I feel His presence in each and everyone of you. I didn’t know what He meant when He said He’s got plans to prosper me not to harm me when I was at my lowest all alone. He then moved mountains, opened borders just so that I can work with people from all over to finally see this day. This day that has brought me so much joy, the day that I am more proud than ever to say I am part of The Builders Team .Thank you so much leaders for each and every sleepless night, hard work, tears, sweat, laughter and joy which has pushed me to work hard to be where I am today…as happy as I am I want you to know that it was all team work and I’ll forever be grateful.

How I wish I could get to the top of my roof to give this testimony so that many people could hear it. This is one of my many testimonies because this business lets me sleep on top of blessings only to wake up to new ones. I am living proof that His mercies are new every morning. My life has since changed not even for the better, but for the greatest, the best. My life has changed so much that it had to flow to my family also, my child, my nieces and nephews are being brought up to a life of many choice without any limitations…they living in abundance. My siblings don’t have to hope or wish for something anymore because SuperLife has put everything at the snap of their fingers. Believe me when I say I’m living in abundance, and happily doing it so with my loved ones.

Hard work does really pay off. Thank you my beloved customers, my wonderful team The Builders Team , Team Impact , The Fusion Team , our CEO Mr Lai Tek Kean and SuperLife World ,I’m honestly grateful for all the changes you’ve brought into my life.

Let’s reach for the top because the bottom is too crowded🙌🏼


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