Double Crown Diamond – Zims Tee

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make will take you to enjoy what you have today” Massive Congratulations to our newly promoted Double Crown Diamond from Malaysia, Mr Zims Tee. Let’s listen to what he has to share about achieving this remarkable achievement.

“From 0 to Crown Diamond, it used 3 years time. But from Crown Diamond to Double crown diamond, it used only 3 months times! If you give up within the first 3 years time, you won’t enjoy the fruits today.” This is my story in SuperLife and I’m blessed I keep fighting and never never give up!
“今天很残酷,明天更残酷,后天很美好,但大多数人都死在明天的晚上。” -Jack Ma

I started my network marketing journey after I bump into Mr Lai Tek Kean in a shopping mall. He was my ex insurance leader. I love this career because this is the business, I can step my footprint globally. International trade is the field I studied in my University time; global business is my dream career as well. From insurance man to a networker, I learned to think widely and act efficiently. Today, I proved that, we can change my running track and adapt the new working culture. I build my empire just by using mobile phone and laptop. I work anywhere, anytime.

I owe my success to all my business partners all over the world. Some I don’t even know them, so as them too. This is the beauty of network marketing; it changed your life by changing other people life.

Lastly, Thanks for the supports from boss of SuperLife especially Mr Lai Tek Kean along the way. He created the fantastic platform and build millionaires. Without him, I can’t see the potential of network marketing. Not to forget Mr Harry, Mr Leo and Mr Paul as well. They facilitated me and my team to expand our business to so many countries.

Life is Super!

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