Together We Break The Covid-19 Chain

Together We Break The Covid-19 Chain

SuperLife’s Corporate Social Responsibility to the nation is to make sure everyone is well equipped with all the ‘ammunitions’ to keep themselves safe from the non-stop assaults of COVID-19.
During this time of the year, when times are hard with the existence of COVID-19, supplies might be running low for all our dedicated front liners. But we are here and we will do our very best to make sure all of their efforts in protecting us do not falter.

SuperLife is dedicated to make sure our front liners are in safe and for that reason we have made a small contribution to our courageous warriors with sanitizers and also personal protective equipment lead by our beloved founder Mr.

Lai Tek Kean

. We’ve also donated our golden coffee to make sure our doctors and policemen are up and ready every morning to be on duty to continue keep us all safe from nightmares of the spread of COVID-19.

With sincerity, we at SuperLife would like to thanks all the front liners for their continued efforts and resilience to keep our country safe and we hope that everyone would realize how important it is to recognize their efforts in all these months to keep our COVID-19 cases at bay. We may not have won the battle yet, but together as ONE nation and ONE country, we will break the chain of COVID-19.
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