“You don’t just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process” Massive Congratulations to our newly promoted Triple Crown Diamond from Malaysia, COACH ADI. Let’s listen to what he has to share about achieving this remarkable achievement.

Success is a journey, not a final destination,

One of the leaders who moved fast to the Triple Crown Ambassador ranking, although not the earliest in SuperLife, but his inner spirit and motivation and Internetworking strategy helped his network a lot around the world, let’s hear his sharing ..

“Thanks Alhamdulillah because with His bounty, give reason and life to this self, to fight until it becomes,

To my family, especially my Mum, lovely wife, siblings, and children who have always been spiritual supporters with unceasing prayers,

To the Founder Mr Lai Tek Kean, you have given me a lot of support, and thank you for trusting me,

At Harry Tee, you are a person who is calm in all challenges, among the people I respect, and you deserve to be a stress management trainer , it is not easy to handle various causes around the world, but you are a human being with 10 hands and 10 brains,

On Leo who constantly monitors IT systems, and straightens the journey, without you it is quite difficult,

And Mr. Paul Nair, your macho and calm attitude, and always ensure the financial development of the company runs smoothly,

These 4 horsemen (the 4 horsemen) have extraordinary strength when combined

To all SuperLife Members, continue with the fighting spirit and solid, if I can you can too,

On your Leah Waweru is the next Triple Crown Diamond,

On Dulina, Hanafi, Dobson Emanuelle, Samuel Ngege, Aqran and apologize for the name I forgot to mention, too many, you Crown Diamond after this,

Throughout the SuperTeam, SuperLife Eagle’s Team International, from Kenya, Cameroon, DRC, South Africa, USA, UK, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more. Let’s get together internetworking, and we break the world’s record in network marketing, because our systems are amazing,

If asked what the secret is to be,
The answer is to fight to the end!

“Success breeds Success,
Life Is Super

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