Crown Ambassador (I) – Bongi Mguniphiri

Crown Ambassador (I) – Bongi Mguniphiri

Mara where do l start🎙️

I Bongi Mguniphiri Superlife record breaker, the first Lioness Crown Ambassador $500 000.00 in 24 months under leadership of Crown Team SA. Yes i made it in 2 Years.

Never in a million years did l ever imagine this overflow. The Heavens decided to open the flood gates wide open again🙌🏽. All honor and praise belongs to God.

15th December 2018 is the day l said YES to good Health. YES to changing lives. YES to my financial freedom. I decided to be a problem solver to the nations. It wasn’t easy or walk in the park however it took sacrifice, hardwork, focus, late nights, sweat, tears, and above all the courage to ingnore naysayers and temptations. I also learnt that even without a Sponsor, one can run and win in our business and surely l am a living testimony.

Not only am i a Recruiting Mogal, but l have mastered the art of duplication. And Teamoverflow is also following suite with countless Ranks being achieved. Team Overflow under my leadership has grown beyond my expectations, the growth is massive and overwhelming. In total we are 45760 members. It is every leaders desire and l am so privileged to be experience this growth. NOTHING can stop a good thing from growing.

To my husband thanks for your support. Crown Ambassador wasn’t going to be possible without Teamoverflow team i really appreciate you all. Pinkstar our queen mother , Bruce Mugisha, Management i thank you for unlimited support.

SUPERLIFE is a platform which knows no gender, or nor race. All is welcome. There is no timing and positioning. Our products have proven to be very effective and are in demand. With Superlife sickness you are late.
Poverty you are late.

At SUPERLIFE we haven’t started yet but this is just the beginning. 2021 we are coming with 💥💥 Fireworks. If l can earn $500 000.00 in 24 months, you can do it even in 18 months or less. It’s doable.

Life is absolutely super with Superlife!

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