Crown Ambassador (I) – Uche Igbani

“In his time, he makes all things beautiful…”

Never In my wildest dream could I have imagined myself in this position 3yrs ago.
When my good friend and brother – Mr. Jonathan Abbey spoke to me about the superlife business opportunity, I had given up on network marketing after a decade of grinding in the industry having nothing to boast of. Jonathan persisted and asked me to give it one more shot, I didn’t hesitate, I followed his leadership. 3yrs after, the local boy, “Palm wine tapper” from the east has now become the “beacon from the east” of Nigeria.

Superlife has become a great blessing to myself, family , and all who joined boats with me to pursue this God giving mission, our lives have been tremendously transformed and many more lives have experienced financial elevation and good health.

My sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Jonathan who introduced me to this great business, The founders of Superlife World and every member of Team Fusion worldwide.


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