Triple Crown Diamond – Vimalan

You know you are on the right track when you have no interest in looking back. I have never had the thoughts or the ideology of looking back in my life ever since I stepped into the world of SuperLife World.🤩

Life will never provide guarantees and warranties, it can only provide possibilities and opportunities, it’s up to us to convert them into success. SuperLife World is a great opportunity that I came across in my life and with sincere dedication and utmost hardwork I have achieved to expand my business in 30 over countries with 40,000 members under my organisation around the world 🌎 at the age of 23 and today I am again extremely grateful to announce that I have been promoted as the Youngest Triple Crown Diamond of SuperLife World. 🎉🥳

In this very tremendous moment I would like to show my sincere gratitude to a few people who have been my ultimate backbones Mr Lai (CEO OF SUPERLIFE), Harry Tee, Leo, Paul (Co Founders of SuperLife), Chief Mohan (Founder of Dominator), Chief Varan, Chief Vithya, Dr Mahadevan, entire TEAM DOMINATOR around the world and not forgetting my family & loved ones 🌎😍🙏 for their constant support. Without their support and guidance I wouldn’t be able to reach this step of success. I am always beyond grateful for all the support, love and encouragement that I have been receiving from these people who has helped me directly as well as indirectly to achieve such success in SuperLife World. 🙏❤️

To all my beloved SuperLife World members, never be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. Have faith, work smart in this fast digital world and always believe you will achieve anything that you set out to do in this world. 💪

Technopreneur Leader R.Vimalan
Triple Crown Diamond
SuperLife World

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