Crown Diamond – S.K. Jagadeesh

I would like to thank Superlife World for giving us such wonderful opportunity which made me to achieve grand success within a short span of time.
I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for 14 years but did not see much success. I used to put 100% effort getting only 20% has returns.
In Superlife with only 20% effort I am able to gain 100% success in just 15 months.
My thanks to my sponsors Dr.Mahadevan & Bakiamlachimi. They are our guides, mentors and coach. Through his brainchild, SLWC GLOBAL SYSTEM , Dr.Maha’s structed training is immensely supportive to us and our team.
I allows like to thank CROWN AMBASSADOR Chief Mohan Raj, for his continous support as our team leader. Also thank Chief Varan, Chief Vithia and Vimalan for the timely support.
Above all, I thank my Chennairockstar team for the collective team spirit.
To those of you who want to take up Superlife as a career, my advise to you is DECIDE, COMMIT & ACT.
Vetri Namake
Vetri Nitchayam
Victory for all
Victory for sure.
Life is Super!
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