Crown Diamond – Slduduzo Myoza

My journey with Superlife started in Jan 2019. Fortunately at that time I was working between contracts and my then, work contract had just ended and was waiting for the next contract. I trained as a Nutrition Specialist and has worked at different levels for government and industry since year 2001. However when Superlife was presented to me I decided to turn my back on my profession for a while and focus on Superlife. I began to turn down job opportunities and further contracts that were offered to me. People that I used to work with asked if maybe after 3 months I will reconsider and take the offers. Now its been 2 years and I have not looked back. Superlife daily earnings are making it difficult for me to want to go back to employment and practice dietetics. I am now considering myself as a full time network marketing professional 🤗

My strength in Superlife has really been forming a strong bond with my team, team development (capacity building) and making sure that I fully support each person that become part of my Superlife team. I make sure that the team understands the system in an out. Helping others to grow in the business and earn has really what has enabled me to reach this level before reaching 2 years in the business.

I am really thankful to SA Crownteamsa Leadership Queen Pinkstar and Mkhulu for the Support they have given to me and the team.

A special thanks to my Sponsor Prisca who opened my eyes to Superlife and has held my hand all the way in this journey. Thanks to Leader Chamz who actually presented Superlife to us, good job.

Lastly but not least, I thank my wife Nomfundo for all her tireless support and push to say, by 2020 December, I should be on Crown Diamond status. I really dedicate this achievement to her.

She has also fully come on board and has also achieved Ruby RANK herself. Home teamwork is the best engine ever enabling us to fly to even greater heights. Every member that is part of team S’du, I thank you all. Life indeed us Super🎉

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