Double Crown Diamond – Stephnie Njideka Mba

Double Crown Diamond – Stephnie Njideka Mba

“No Risk…No Gain…Don’t be scared to take any calculated risk.

It all started September 2018, when someone I never knew then ( My Upline – Mrs Nnamani ) sent me Superlife posts to my whatsapp.
I didn’t give it a thought until something in me kept pushing me to take a look which I did.
After that, I went into research about Superlife company and STC30. And what I saw got me interested and I paid for Super package to her and started pushing, doing seminars online and offline, traveling to different cities and countries, fast forward to 2years and 3 months…am a Double Crown Diamond. Life is indeed Super.

God has indeed decorated our efforts, sleepness nights, travels, seminars and hard work as a Team in Superlife with a huge double crown.

We return ALL the glory to God alone.

To all my Uplines, thanks for leading and showing us the way.

To all my Successlines, thanks for listening, seeing the fire, catching the fire and running with the Super fire. Don’t let the fire go down, keep pushing until there is a drastic turnaround encounters in your finances.

Indeed the world is yet to hear and see us gloriously decorated with higher and higher Super Ranks.

God bless Superlife World!!!
God bless Team Fusion!!!
God bless Fabulous Millionaires and all other Teams pushing in Superlife!!!

Barr Stephy,
*Superlife Double Crown Ambassador! *

Thanks and God bless you.”

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