Triple Crown Diamond – Zims Tee

Kick start the new year with a motivated news!

2021 must be another exciting year for my team. I can’t achieve triple crown diamond without you all.


Recall back the year of 2017, as a new network marketer, I always struggling on how to survive in network marketing industry. My friends and people surrounding me give me 4 NO at that time.

No money
No time
No need and
NO TRUST on company or even me!

Some asked me come back after 2 years if company and I still can survive. I have no choice, online marketing is my only solution. And today I can proved them they are Wrong!

My double crown diamond achieved last 2 months. I thanked a lot of people including bosses and teammate.

Now I want to thank people who created facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Without him, I can’t expand my global network!

SuperLife + facebook = Life is Super!💥

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