Double Crown Diamond – Ahumuza Doreen

Double Crown Diamond – Ahumuza Doreen

Thanks be to God who gives us victory through our lord Jesus Christ;

Two years ago I was a hopeless graduate dropping applications everywhere I heard of a job opening or any opportunity that would put some money in my pocket ;and a friend of mine introduced me to SuperLife ,truth being told I didn’t not even have the money to purchase the product and be part of the opportunity that I had been presented too however ,my mind was ready to give it a try regardless of my financial status /situation at that time ;Long story short I got started and became apart of Superlife family in June 2017 and I can confidently say it is still the best decision I have so far made in life. There’s way so much I have achieved from super life: travel,time freedom, independence ,health to mention but a few that would have probably taken me 10 years had it been in the other sectors and I am so grateful.

One of my biggest highlights is the pandemic that ruined most of the businesses and fortunately enough for me that’s when the business paid me the most and was able to get to the crown diamond rank in July 2020 and double crown diamond in December 2020 amazing right!

One yes has transformed thousands of lives and many more lives are still being transformed. To everyone reading this
1: Never despise humble beginnings.
2: If someone offers you an opportunity that you are not sure about, say yes and learn when you get there.
3: There’s nothing impossible for a willing heart, go out there and chase that dream you have; Dreams are valid.

Finally, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to our CEO Mr Lai and our cofounders, Mr Harry and Mr Leo thank you for restoring hope to us that had lost it through this life changing opportunity of Superlife.

Our CEO Uganda Mr Mugisha Bruce for the opportunity and mentorship, my Upline Mr Mwesigwa Mathew and to my teams “”The Super incredibles” and “”the super achievers,””Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re are done by a team “.

May God reach out to each one of you individually and grant you that which you desire .

Thank you and God bless you.

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