Crown Diamond – Dobson Waweru

My story

First, I want to thank God for this glorious moment, to share my success story with the world.

I joined SuperLife 2years ago after receiving a phone call from a friend. At this point in time ,i was looking for something to compliment my income. Thank God I said yes.

To the president Mr Lai ,Co-Founders, Mr Harry Tee, Paul and Leo, I celebrate you all for offering us a great business platform that allows us to change many lives across the globe.

Thanks to my upline, Crown Diamond Leah waweru for introducing me to SuperLife. You are an outstanding leader. By saying yes to Superlife, some of my ambitions in life turned into reality.

To Coach Adi the Tripple crown Diamond and Founder of Super Team, am forever grateful to you also, for providing the right environment/leadership and necessary mentorship that enabled me to see the Bigger picture, believe Faster and sooner.

To all my Eagles Team success lines,you inspire me everyday especially the Eagles Team leaders in Cameroon, DRC,USA,  United Kingdom and in Kenya. Many of you have continually emerged as Top income Earners in your respective markets. To this amazing and selfless Leaders; Mr Emmanuel Nganyu(Cameroon), Mr Samuel Ngenge, Madam Atanga, Leader Florence Kimani(Kenya)
Catherine Kalungwe(DRC),Sapphires Zipporah Njeri, and Grace Ndegwa, your great commitment towards this business is admirable. Soon You are all the next Crown Diamonds.

To succeed in Superlife, You must know Exactly what you want. Goal Realization takes Visualization. You must define the price you are willing to pay, follow and trust the process. Always be in Production mode.

Edification, Unity and Loyalty is the true philosophy of building a solid Team. Finally you must believe in yourself.

Dobson waweru
Crown 👑 Diamond.

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