Crown Diamond – Nyaknno Udokpoh Uche Esther

Crown Diamond – Nyaknno Udokpoh Uche Esther

From the day she was conceived, she was destined to be a SHINING STAR hence the name ESTHER. Born to Igbo parents in Anambra State and married to an Akwa Ibomite.

Esther Udokpoh is a wife, mother and an entrepreneur with great passion in Network Marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons) in International Studies and Diplomacy from Benson Idahosa University and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Benin, Nigeria.

Before she joined Superlife Company that is currently changing lives globally, Esther worked so hard in other Network Marketing Companies in order to achieve her dreams and live a quality lifestyle but all to no avail. She was in her seven month of multiple pregnancy when she said YES to SUPERLIFE in 2019. But her pregnancy was not an impediment to her speedy growth and success.

Before she was delivered of her twin babies, Esther became a Leader in Superlife with accumulative earnings of $5000. While nursing the babies at home, she became a Sapphire Leader with accumulative earnings of $10000 in less than six months of joining Superlife Company.

Esther Udokpoh is the progenitor of SUPERLIFE SHINING STARS TEAM with Head Office in Benin City, Nigeria. She has centers across the country and thousands of distributors in her team. She has produced many millionaires ranging from Leaders to Ruby ranks in a short space of time. She hit her Emerald rank on 1st August 2020 and she is now a CROWN DIAMOND with accumulative income of $100,000 in less than two years of joining Superlife Company. Moreover, she also qualified for Thailand, Dubai and Malaysia International trips.

Esther is an amazing personality, very dedicated, diligent and focused. A networker par excellence. She can convert one-time customers to very loyal customers in seconds. She is an

inspiration to many and has helped a lot of her team members to actualize their dreams

All glory, honour and praises to God for his benevolence, guidance and protection. Thanks to the CEO for creating an avenue where little shots are made big shots in a very short while. To all SHINING STARS, you are indeed the soul makers, Esther holds you so dearly to her heart. And to the man behind my success, my beloved husband and my strategist, I will forever love and cherish you.

God bless Superlife World.


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