Crown Diamond – Rian Froy Albano


Mashallah Alhamdulillah.

My heart is filled with gratefulness to God & Superlife World for every single blessing in my life from the smallest to the greatest. Thank God for all the negativity that gives me greater opportunity and greater positivity. Thank God for every pain that makes me more powerful. Thank God for every obstacle that made me become a problem solver. Thank God for all the struggles and sacrifices that that made my life even better. These are the life lessons I learned during my journey. In every negative situation we should always see the positive and in every positive situation we should be ready for obstacles on the way. For me, I consider problems as a blessing. It is always about the way we respond in our lives.

Achieving the Crown Diamond Rank earning $100,000 or 5million in Pesos in 2 years was not easy. Just like a rough diamond, the more cuts, slice, and pressure…The more you shine and become a precious gem. I started Superlife World in 2018, and during that time I do not have any money not even a single centavo in my bank account.

There will be many trials, problems, challenges, downfall, negativity, hard work, failure, criticism, rejections, mistakes and sacrifices we will be facing. Whatever happens, always trust God, and always have faith in life.

Hard work, determination, patience, consistency, optimism, and focus are important to achieving any goal in life. In building a team I have learned that trust and relationship building is particularly important. Return on Relationship (ROR) is better than Return of Investment (ROI). People join us because they know us, they like us, and they trust us. Keeping trust and relationship for everyone is important. Maintaining and sustaining are the two ingredients that makes up my team rather than training. Starting a team is always a process and progress but building a team with a strong bond will result to success. Teamwork makes the dream work,
I cannot fathom how blessed I am now and grateful to our CEO Sir Lai Tek Kean, Co-Founders Paul, Leo, and Harry. To our Superlife Philippine Directors Miguel & Miyuki Buenaventura and Rizaldy & Laarni Alinsog, thank you very much to all of you specially to all Significant Team, Amazing Leaders & Members local and international. Also thank you to my family and to a person who is always behind me. You are a big part of my success; you know who you are.

Superlife World is a company of great opportunities. Offering super amazing products and business plan that I have never encountered in my life. A company that is a life changer in terms of health and wealth. Let us all continue to share, help, and become a channel of blessing for others.

In Superlife, life is really super

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