Crown Diamond – Tinashe Makanga

I just wonder what could life be if it wasn’t for superlife.

4 years ago I was a nobody, with nothing, under the custody of my mother who raised us a single parent.

At 26 by then it was so embarrassing not able to feed myself, nor clothe myself.

Thank God for SuperLife, it came to my rescue.

When I heard about, it was new, with none in my country having heard or even used the product, but because I was hungry for success, I embraced and worked tirelessly.

In 5 months I was already driving my first car a Mazda 3 Axela.

Won another car from the car campaign, bought a residential stand and developed.

To date managed to buy 3 cars, 2 residential stands, 2 commercial stands 1 fully built, a 15 hacter farm. Earning between 4-5 figure income every month.

With hardwork and determination, consistency and perseverance all is achievable in superlife.

Proud to say l reached the crown diamond from zero upto now without any placement from an upline. Its all about you and how hungry you are for success.

All thanks to Our founders. The SuperMan, our President, Mr Lai Tek Kean, Mr Leo, Mr Paul and Mr Harry.

A Big shout out to my business partners, The Unstoppable Team. I couldn’t be this far without you.


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