I am Chief Mohan from Malaysia. Proud member of SuperLife World and the founder of Team Dominator.
Today is the proudest and happiest day in my life as I have successfully qualified as the first SUPER CROWN AMBASSADOR (I) with 110,000 members in 40 countries.

Heartfelt Thanks to our founder Mr. Ken for a giving me this opportunity. Thank you for being the best boss & mentor I’ve ever had. Without him I won’t be here today. And thanks to all my Lovely Directors Mr. Paul Nair , Mr. Harry Tee & Mr. Leo.

Thank you my lovely TEAM DOMINATOR. Especially my core leaders of Dominator & all leaders globally. You guys have once again proved that a company’s success is a joint effort of a good team and not just because of a good leader.

Everyone is a leader in SuperLife. Even a new member have many opportunities every day through your actions and behavior to model leadership qualities. Being a leader simply means you are willing to teach and support others, be a positive role model, and be ready to serve as well as lead. Believe in yourself, believe in our SLWC system, work with your leaders and team members and reap the fruits of your effort and hard work.

Thanks, each and every one of you for your hard work. Thank you for being part of team Dominator. Thank you for making Dominator proud globally. See you all at the top.

Special thanks to my beloved mum & dad. Thanks for helping me to shape my life with positivity and passion. Without both of you, I’d never been the person I am today. Thanks for everything!

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