Crown Ambassador (II) – Mugisha Innocent

Crown Ambassador (II) – Mugisha Innocent


From day one I liked the SuperLife products, I started using them and my life has not been the same.

I joined SuperLife when I had financial difficulties but my major goal was to share the wonderful product STC3O to help many people’s health challenges after learning about it.

Today I have achieved much more than what I expected in 4 years, I have added so much to my life am in real estates business now with many valuable properties in different countries.

I have travelled more than 30 countries am a totally different person now. The secret is simple I have always told someone about SuperLife, It would not be easy to achieve this alone but working with many other friends and business partners of THE CROWN TEAM.

Thank you all my beloved friends and business partners for your support my beloved Crown Team Uganda, Crown Team SouthAfrica, BOTSWANA, ZAMBIA, ZIMBABWE, MALAWI, KENYA, TANZANIA, UAE, USA, UK, EUROPE, NAMIBIA and many others.

I thank the Management Team led by MR. LAI TEK KEAN and THE CFOs MR. LEO, HARRY AND PAUL for the SuperLife World vision.

May GOD bless you all.

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