Crown Diamond – John Britto

Nothing worth having comes easy. I think that my biggest attribute to success is Perseverance, patience and Teamwork.
I am JOHNNY from Malaysia. Today i have successfully qualified as a CROWN DIAMOND.
I would like to Thank the Lord Almighty and the Universe for guiding me to meet and to work with wonderful people around the world.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our dearest Superlife CEO, Mr. Ken, for this great platform. I Would also like to thank other Directors Mr, Paul Nair, Mr. Harry Tee and Mr. Leo. Without you, all this won’t be possible.
Thank you to Dr. Raj Mohan who brought me into this business and push me through to where I am today. Thanks to TEAM Dominator’s, especially Chief Mogan who always supported me all the way with a Big Heart. Thank You Dr. Maha for the great coaching and always being there. Thank you to Master Manimaran and Pastor Simon, A Big thanks to MAMAAFRICA, Joe, Prince, Princess, Thelma, Joseph,. Michael, Osamun, Silas, Evidence, Halimah, Mike, Madam Pakkia, Dato Dr. William, Nathan Ji, Dr. Lulwa, Dr. Maria Rufina, Selva, Vandhana Team , Balan Team and to all my great leaders and business partners in Malaysia and all over the World. Thanks to each and every one of you for your hard work.
Special thanks to my family, my mum, My Wife-for helping me and sharing my life with great positivity and passion. This is our success as a Team.
To god be the Glory!
Life is Super!
– Johnny
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