Double Crown Diamond – Dynamiceagle

After completing my secondary school (SPM) I involve myself to MLM industry.
Almost 25 years been as an Independent Networker and never being employed or work under anyone’s as i had dream of being my own boss until the very end of my life.

I’m Dato Dr.Kamaraj Annamalai (DDKA),
Started my Journey in SuperLife World in 2017 and today achieved Double Crown Diamond and also proud to say I’m the first supercar (Lamborghini) Acheiver of Superlife world.

I would like to thanks all my beloved leaders in Dynamic Eagles Team through out the World for their teamwork and team support.

And also Thanks to Our superlife Boss and Ceo Mr.Lai Tek Kean directors Mr.Harry Tee,Mr.Paul Nair,Mr.Leo and not forgetton the entire management team for their great support.

We are in the world fastest growing MLM company

Believe in our company
Believe in our products
Believe in our marketing system.

Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently. Believe in yourself and nothing is impossible. We are born as winners and we can make it happen. See you at the top.

Life Is Super
Dynamic Eagles Team

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