Double Crown Diamond – Varanbuffett

I am Chief Varan from Malaysia. Co-founder of Team Dominator in SuperLifeWorld.

Today, I am extremely pleased and gratified to be qualified as Double Crown Diamond with total of 70,000 members in my organisation globally.

I would like thank our visionary founder Mr.Lai and our top management  Mr.Paul Nair, Mr.Harry Tee and Mr.Leo for giving us this wonderful global business platform to realise our dreams.

My profound gratitude to my Leader, partner and brother, Super Crown Ambassador Chief Mohan for having the foresight and confidence in SuperLife and to form Team Dominator which has now changed thousands of peoples lives exponentially globally.

A leader not only shows the way but also walks the way. We have such great leaders who are not deterred by obstacles but have persevered to reach great heights.

I am immensely honoured to be part of this wonderful team. Heartfelt thanks to all our Dominator Core Leaders and my Global Core Leaders and to all budding leaders for making this achievement possible.

This shows the importance and significance of unwavering team effort and team work.

Perseverance and determination together with confidence and hardwork is the foundation for success. As our System Coach Dr.Maha says, “If you want to BE LONG in a business, you must BELONG to the business”. Such commitment and involvement will definitely push you up the ladder of success.

We Came We Saw We Dominate!!

Life is Super with SuperLife!!

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