Triple Crown Diamond – Dr Raaj Mohan

Triple Crown Diamond – Dr Raaj Mohan


I am DR RAAJ MOHAN from Malaysia. Proud member of SuperLife World.
Today is the proudest and happiest day of my life as I have successfully qualified as a TRIPLE CROWN DIAMOND.

Heartfelt Thanks to the Lord Almighty & Universe. Thank you Mr. Ken, Superlife CEO for this great platform. Thanks to all Directors Mr.Paul Nair,Mr. Harry Tee & Mr. Leo.

Thanks to TEAM Dominator’s, especially Chief Mohan who always supported me all the way with a Big Heart.

Thank you to Dato Dr William, Dr Maha, Dr Jayaraj, Johnny, Rengasamy, Sankara, Krishna, Master Vithya, Chief Varan, Vimalan, Mr Kit and to all my great leaders and business partners in Malaysia and all over the World. Thanks to each and every one of you ,for your hard work. 🙏

Special thanks to my Family, my Mum, THANK YOU & GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

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