Crown Diamond – Nse Robinson Essiet

I am Super excited to be A CROWN DIAMOND in Superlife, thanks be to God. My sincere appreciation goes to my Boss Crown Ambassador (Dr.) Charles Chima, whom I work closely during this journey and his Vice Pharm. Lawrence. To my able team Leaders, Success lines; Team STAYALIVE: God bless you all.
My journey to success in Superlife start by taking action to Sign up in the business as a Super member in 2017 and from my first day to date I have never entertain fear nor doubt in this business, fear of Failure can stop you from Dreaming big. So if you want success, you first need to work on your attitude. As soon as you get the right mindset, you be able to build your steps and find the resources you need to reach your goal.
Relationship: Get the right friends, they will either add or subtract from you. Who you follow determine what follows you. If you want to be around growing people become a growing person, if you are committed , you attract people who are committed too.
Passion: Be passionate about your business, Happiness is the Key to Success, if you love what you are doing, you will be successfull.
Seriousness: Be very serious and work hard , whatever you want it will come to you. Work to become what you want , not what other people want you to be, avoid laziness, hold yourself accountable, set target and work toward it.
Accomplishment: to accomplish your desire, be willing to pay for your personal growth, financially and otherwise. Study the people that succeed in the business, read books, attend seminars, meet with those who succeed, these people and their knowledge they have is a gift to your personal growth.
Thank you.
LONG LIVE Our Visionary President
Mr Lai Tek Kean
LONG LIVE other Superlife Directors
Leo, Paul, Harry etc
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