Double Crown Diamond – REGAI GWENAMBIRA

Double Crown Diamond – REGAI GWENAMBIRA

Looking back 3years ago when I joined Superlife all I can feel is a great sense of gratitude to the Almighty God for opening my eyes to this opportunity and to say yes

Besides the road to financial freedom that I’m walking on , Superlife has also introduced me to many like minded people across the world and most of these people have become part of my family and the feeling is awesome

I joined this business while I was going through the toughest phase of my life , failing to put the very basic things on the table even when I was employed

I was heavily in debt and I don’t remember getting a full salary all my working years as a civil servant ,a policeman to be precise, because of the yoke of loan and I was a true definition of being broke😅

Now I look 3years back and owning 2houses and debt free and with a team of over 7000 clients and partners combined from UK, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and all across Zimbabwe

I say this with humility and with encouragement to anyone who is willing to change their lives for the best to take up this opportunity without any grain of reservation

When you see network marketing professionals celebrating their little achievements, it’s not to brag , but to show you the endless possibilities that comes along with this business and some of us come from scratch with nothing to our name , but only DETERMINATION and HUNGER FOR SUCCESS

My gratitude goes to my CEO Mr Lai for extending this Superlife opportunity to Africa

I would also like to thank my upliner Mr Matongo, boss Kim for the support from day 1 until now

I would also want to thank all my customers and my business partners for believing in me and what I stand for. If it wasn’t for you, surely I wouldn’t be celebrating this achievement and for that reason I dedicate it to you with humility and love

To those who are still struggling in building their network marketing business, do not look back because even myself I had to make zero dollars in my first month and 108usd in my second month and the struggle is real but quitting is not an option

There is enough for all of us


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