Triple Crown Diamond – MRS NORAH NK. OKPARA

Triple Crown Diamond – MRS NORAH NK. OKPARA

It’s been a journey of consistency, dedication, patience, self-development,team-spirit and most importantly, God’s divine grace all these years.

Massive thanks to SuperLife management team for this rare opportunity that has changed thousands of lives around the world. An opportunity that has fully enabled me have enough time for my family and as well become gainfully self-employed.
Special thanks to you my able CEO,Mr Lai Tek Kean, and all our wonderful and supportive SuperLife Directors- Mr Paul,Mr Harry and Mr Leo.

Special appreciation to my beautiful family especially my beloved husband and adorable kids; for your patience, understanding and a whole lot. With your kind support I have successfully come this far with 100% online activities and focus without distractions. To my parents and siblings, thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.

Thank you team Dominator core Leaders, Chief Mohan, Dr Maha, Chief Vithia(you’re indeed a huge blessing since 2017), Chief Varan and Mr Vimalan for supporting me and my team members in many different ways.

Am sincerely grateful for the dedicated and vibrant Leaders under my organisation from team Dominator South Africa,Nigeria, Ghana and the rest of the world who are too numerous to mention. I acknowledge your commitment and appreciate you all for working effectively with me and my entire team members.

Most importantly, I am most grateful and thankful to God Almighty who made everything possible and beautiful in His time,words fail me my God😭 but I am totally grateful for everything you’ve done,all you’re doing and for all you’re yet to do🙏🙇‍♀️ Nara ekele nile Nnam🙌

Am proudly a Triple Crown Diamond Leader of SuperLife World!



Life is absolutely Super with SuperLife World

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