About Us



I lead my life and business believing that the key to success is to create long-term successful relationship with people. In SuperLife, we value continuous success and good character in business. In SuperLife, we believe that:

  • To be successful, you have to work hard
  • To be blessed, you have to have good thoughts
  • To be a great person, you have to treat people with sincerity
  • To be good in business, you have to honor your words
  • To be good in your craft, you have to be focused
Lai Tek Kean CEO | Founder

Tight Hand Grip

resembles the strong team spirit and affinity of the SuperLife members

Strong Binding Structure

depicts the support system that binds the members together and preserves the culture & value system

One Infinite Loop

infers to the strong SuperLife culture which will be passed through generations

Focusing on the “Future”

living a life towards creating a meaningful legacy

SuperLife Story

Established in 2017, SuperLife started with a team of business professionals who strive to provide the public with products that are genuinely beneficial to the health of consumers as well as their aesthetic well-being. SuperLife keeps transparency a top priority because it is both an important value and an assurance for consumers – for what good is a business that runs without trust?

Aside from that, SuperLife serves as a platform for many opportunities in business and networking, encouraging participants to focus on long-term relationships rather than short-term gains. We are passionate about helping ordinary people change their lives physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. We embrace a culture where anyone who joins us will think of this platform as a home. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and are eager to work together to achieve a global vision.

We at SuperLife are also concerned with the environment and endeavor to become an ecofriendly platform, therefore, we work to ensure that our products come from natural resources with no additives.



Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), UKM

There is no adversity that cannot be overcome by good character.


Technology Director | Co-Founder

Bachelor of Commerce (HONS) Accounting, UTAR

To live is to fight!


Director | Co-Founder

MBA (Strategy & Finance), University of Oxford

Knowledge speaks, but Wisdom listens.


Director | Co-Founder

Diploma in Information Technology, TARc

The real risk is doing NOTHING!