SuperLife Car Sponsorship Campaign

Cars represent important means of transportation, allowing us to commute between places. To many, it is like a life’s achievement, an important milestone to achieve; to some, it is a show of status, power and money. Undeniably, cars bring extreme comfort and convenience to us, allowing us to travel without having to undergo the frustration of public transport system which is non-satisfactory in most countries.

In SuperLife, we understand this and we would love to appreciate the hard works of SuperLife members who fought through thick and thin with us to achieve our vision – Redefining Globalization! Many leaders have changed their lives and turned their lives over in the last campaign. This is why we decide to launch the 2nd Africa Car Sponsorship Campaign to enable more people to qualify! We have decided to lower down the overall requirements on top of our powerful marketing plan to allow more members to qualify. Now everyone can drive!

If you have a dream like us, fight with us! Together we shall rise and conquer the world of Direct Selling!




  1. The campaign period starts from 1st June 2018 and ends on 31st August 2018
  2. This campaign is ONLY open to SuperLife members.
  3. Members must be on the Super Package to enrol in the campaign
  4. Each member is ONLY entitled to qualify for ONE vehicle and with ONE Super account
  5. Achievers are permitted to discuss with SuperLife on the vehicle of their choice with a price tag that is within the guidance price
  6. If the Achiever prefers a vehicle that is above the guidance price, he/she will need to top up the balance to make the purchase
  7. Insurance, road tax and other registration costs will be borne by the Achiever
  8. Achievers will need to submit the proof of vehicle purchase to SuperLife for verification
  9. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash
  10. After the campaign period, members who qualified can redeem by submitting a form at the “Redeem” Tab.
  11. SuperLife reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notification

Qualification criteria is as follow:

Car Achieved (required)
Compact CarExecutive CarLuxury Car

I accept terms and conditions (required)