FAQs for 2021 Promotional Campaign

1. What is the best benefit of registering as Supreme+, comparing to Supreme?

You are entitled to enjoy infinity pairing bonus.

2. Am I still entitled to enjoy the benefits of Supreme+ after the promotional period?

Yes! You are entitled to enjoy all the benefits of Supreme+ for your lifetime.

3. Do I have to pay for upgrade processing fee during the promotional period?

No, the upgrade processing fee is waived for all packages during the promotional period.

4. I was registered as Supreme before the promotion. Am I entitled to upgrade to Supreme+ automatically?

No, Supreme+ is a new package. Members are required to upgrade to Supreme+ if interested.

5. Can I register as Supreme during the promotional period?

There will be NO SUPREME PACKAGE during the promotional period.

6. Will there be any extra charges for the 2 extra products for Super during the promotional period?

No, the extra 2 products are FREE OF CHARGE (Only apply for FULL STC30 packages) and they are part of your package entitlement during the promotional period.

7. Am I entitled to receive key-in-bonus if I was registered as Supreme+?

Unfortunately, only Super is entitled.

8. What is Upgrade Wallet?

Upgrade Wallet is eligible for Starter, Star and Supreme+ only. It is a bonus type for you to upgrade your current package. You are able to top up your upgrade wallet with Super Point.

9. Am I entitled to withdraw my bonus from Upgrade Wallet?

No. you are unable to withdraw your bonus from Upgrade Wallet. However, you are entitled to utilize the bonus to upgrade your current package.

10. Will the bonus point from my upgrade wallet expired after the promotional period?

No, it will not expire. We will continue using the upgrade wallet feature after the promotional period.

SuperLife World reserves the right to amend, delete, or vary these Terms and Conditions.