10 Jun 2022

First & foremost I would like to start by saying Thank you God for this achievement as the first Double Crown Diamond in Borne Island. 

This is a result and as prove by many since I started my journey in Superlile. My Introducer Emerald Hanafi for sharing this opportunity. A Trainer – Crown Ambassador 1 Coach Adi Hamzah who drives us all through without stopping since day 1 & the superb company & management team. God bless us all. 

Previously when I achieved Crown Diamond rank, I have shared dearly & clearly on all the ups & down by the team & their fighting spirit, rejection from all over & the pandemic challenges in Borneo.

And this time, my focus & commitment is to continue to work together with the team as I genuinely believed their success will be my success as well. 

Of course my dream is to continue to climb up & reaching for the stars with my own team as we have been together since start, BUT as I always remind them – I will only work together with those who have the same level of fighting spirit as this will spark a better environment for all. 

When my team succeeded, then I am successful. I see a few of my “LADY POWER” started to shine because they never stop to learn & now evolving. 

And I am confident soon enough there will be more new leaders climbing up for better in Superlife. We shall not only shine in Borneo, but also Peninsular of Malaysia & the next huge market Indonesia.