DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND - Sithulisile Ndhlovu

DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND - Sithulisile Ndhlovu

17 Feb 2022

Let me start by Thanking God for being with me throughout my journey of touching lives , staying in my lane & understanding my purpose!

Secondly I would like to thank my mentors Queen Mother Pinksta & Mkhulu for who they are in my life & the lives of many others! You have influenced my life in a very positive way and words cannot express how I feel right now! You are a true inspiration and being under your leadership is such a huge blessing! Thank you for holding my hand and always encouraging me to do more! 

Thirdly let me thank my Sponsor , My Coach Sphii❤️ for being by my side day in and day out🥺Hai shem I can write a book about your support, Love & Understanding. There are days where l felt like I cannot do it anymore BUT you are the first person to remind me I can do it! Thank you my Potions! Wena you were sent by God in my life! 

Fourthly let me thank my Entire Team😭🙏🏾. Team Hunters! The People that trusted me with their dreams! Kings and Queens I appreciate each & everyone of you from the bottom of my heart! The support you show me it is amazing and I thank God for All of you❤️

Lastly let me thank all Superlifers around the globe 🌎 that always show me love & emotional support!

Your messages of appreciation keep me going. Your likes and comments keeps me going. I thank God for you!